by Lyn Edwin Cathey is proud to call Memphis, TN home. Downtown Memphis is becoming more and more “gentrified”. Old cotton warehouses on the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River are being converted to upscale condos and apartment buildings. The arts district is growing by leaps and bounds. The old electric trolleys have been restored and run throughout.

It is not only our home, but also the home of the blues…and the birthplace of rock and roll.

Don’t believe me?  Just check out Sun Studios to see which famous musical icons got their start right here .

It also home to some of the funkiest neighborhood juke joints you’ll ever see…some of them, well you better be packin’ when you go. Example – Miss Effie’s place. Let Miss Jewell tell you about it in this video.

Sometimes you just luck out and run in to someone who really knows the neighborhood…and is ready and willing to talk about it on camera. Here Memphis resident “Miss Jewel” talks about her neighborhood on N. Second Street.

Looking for laughs to go with your barbecue and music while in Memphis? Check out what our Comedy Club buddies John Marks and Sammy Marten are up at Big Funny Productions. Sign up for the newsletter. Check the headliners and schedules at the website…and if you see John & Sammy – get’em a drink and tell the bartender to put it on Lyn’s tab…the one I’ve been running since 1987!


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  1. Mike T Smith says:

    Enjoyed this video Lyn. As a Memphian it’s amazing to be around so much history every day and not even know about it. But take someone who lives in the neighborhood and they give the best tours. Miss Jewel is obviously very proud of where she’s from

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