by Lyn Edwin Cathey

Sierra Boat Company is headquartered  at Carnelian Bay on the California side of Lake Tahoe. We visited their showroom on a quiet, weekday afternoon. The restoration craftsmen were very gracious, allowing us complete freedom to tour the facilities, inspect the work, ask questions and take copious videos and photos. Thank you, Sierra Boat Company! Feast your eyes on this video and the images below to get a sense of the beauty of these boats and scope of the work involved in restoring them.

Hundreds of beautiful fully restored vintage wooden boats are on display at Sierra Boat Company at Carnelian Bay, Lake Tahoe. The restoration shop and marina are open to the public.

They have over 250 vintage wooden boats (“woodies”) in various stages of restoration.Stacked Woodies
Visitors are welcome and encouraged to take pictures/video.Interior of WoodieWoodie custom interior

All boats are for sale…but be forewarned…they are pricey!

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