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The AMX Centurion Lounge at DFW

The AMX Centurion Lounge at DFW

It was one of those connections at DFW where I had only about 15 minutes to spare.. the kind where I have to strap on my rollerblades to make it from arrival gate to departing gate. This left way too little time to take in the many features of the fabulous new Centurion Lounge, near gate 17, terminal D. However.. five days later.. I had time enough to pitch my tent and stay a while.. in this true haven of luxury.

First Impressions: The ultra contemporary decor looked posh, inviting and spacious. Greetings by the fanboys manning the front desk were exceptionally friendly and peppy. They volunteered information on the layout of the club, where to find the buffet, the bar, the restrooms, the business center, the code to the wi-fi, etc., all before I could even think to ask.

Thinking the offerings would be similar to other airline lounges – we are regulars at Delta’s Sky Clubs – my first surprise was the gourmet hot food buffet.. featuring dishes by Dallas’s own celebrity chef, Dean Fearing.

The roast maple butternut squash soup was to die for. The braised beef sirloin tips looked good too, but I’m a vegetarian… so I left them for you all. At boarding time, I was wishing I’d brought my raincoat.. the one with the rubber pockets… so I could steal some of the squash soup for my next in-flight meal.

The Centurion Lounge also offers free massages and manicures. How did I miss that?  (Love those little pleasures that allow me to explore my feminine side.. without having to crossdress.)

Unanswered Questions: Do they allow you to slurp soup while you are getting a massage? And the manicurist only needs one hand at a time, right?… leaving the other one free to spear shrimp. I do believe another visit is in order.

AMX Centurion Lounge front desk

AMX Centurion Lounge front desk

Entrance is free for American Express Platinum cardholders.. $50 per person per visit for anyone else… well worth it, in my opinion, especially if you have a couple of hours to kill. Do the math. What would the tab be for a delicious hot meal with wine and desert.. followed by a cocktail and massage.. or manicure?

AMX Centurion Lounge at MIA

AMX Centurion Lounge at MIA

Read the Yelp reviews of the DFW Centurion Lounge.

AMX now offers Centurion Lounge facilities at DFW, MIA, SFO and LGA (coming soon).
Here’s a link to the Centurion Lounge page at American Express.

Late Breaking News!

This just in from American Express..

Direct from AMX: Centurion Lounge Update

Direct from AMX: Centurion Lounge Update

2 Responses to Heaven at the Gate – AMX’s Centurion Clubs

  1. Can’t wait for them to open a lounge in Atlanta. It may be a while since Delta pretty much owns ATL. Currently my platinum card gets me into the Sky Lounges but they have eliminated the guest policy. I may have to schedule my next flight to South Florida to Miami instead of Fort Lauderdale to try it out.

    And to clarify not anyone can pay 50 bucks and get in. “Any eligible American Express Card Member may purchase a one-day pass at the Lounge for $50, subject to capacity.”

    And really, I had to do math to leave a comment? Good thing I didn’t have to show my work. And when are you going to invite me to go one one of your specialty cruises?

    • Lyn Cathey says:

      Hi Vinny! Youse sounds like a well traveled goy. We’d love ta get youse ta do ya “Motivate This!” schick on our next specialty cruise.. the Procrastinators Cruise.. coming up some time in da few-cha. – BanjoButt Berrelli

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