Yes, will be able to accept bookings for the maiden voyage..however, trip interruption insurance will be mandatory!


This Jerry Falwell look-a-like is actually Australian billionaire Clive Palmer… money man and moving force behind the Titanic 2 project.



The Titanic 2 will be 13 feet wider than the original, carry a total of 2400 passengers.. with all the up to date electronics and safety features of a modern ocean liner… including enough life boats.



The one thing the Titanic had that Titanic 2 will not.. ‘sheer’… the slopping upward of the decks.. as seen here is a photo of a hallway on the Queen Mary.


titanic 2 hull build_625w

The Titanic 2 under construction in a shipyard in China.


titanic 2 first class cabin_625w

A mockup of how a first class cabin will look.


titanic 2 passenger cabin_625w

A mockup of how a tourist class cabin will look.


titanic 2 radio room_625w

A replication of the original Titanic’s radio room… not sure if it will be functional… or just for show… on the Titanic 2.


titanic 2 navigation bridge_625w

Looks like the navigation bridge will have a forward section devoted to replication of the original bridge… with a modern, technologically sophisticated bridge behind.


Titanic 2 - an exact replica - to sail in 2018

Except for the extra width and up to date electronics, Titanic 2 is expected to be an exact replica of the original… set to sail in 2018.

Titanic 2 even has it’s own Facebook page.

To read more about the development history and status of the Titanic 2, go here.

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