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We just received a wonderful review from Andrew Johnson, owner/partner of Jadee Construction (

Andrew Johnson

“Thank you Trip Finder for having such a user friendly, convenient and resourceful site. I booked my hotel and rental car while in line on the sky bridge waiting to load the plane. You have done a fantastic job making your services geared to the consumers needs while still being as cost effective as anywhere on the web. GREAT JOB!!!!




Even though this is my big brother’s “thang”, and it kills me to say anything at all nice about anything to do with him, I must admit I find to be extremely user-friendly – and this from someone whose computer cringes when she walks into the room. Seriously, Tripfinder is so forgiving, it’s the only on-line travel site I use. (And my mother didn’t make me write this!)

Markita Lerch in the Lake

Markita Lerch in the Lake

Yours Truly,

Markita Lerch


Reviews for the Most Pimped Cruise article –

Wow Lyn that was a blast. Thanks for the insight to what CCL is delivering. We in our industry can only guess what is going on with the ships as we can’t keep going back all the time to see what is being offered these days. It is nice to hear that CCL is doing what they do best. You are so right regarding the on-board revenue, which is getting increasing more difficult to work around. Not too much fun having to machete your way thru the photo ops.

Keep up the good work. I am a fan.

– Craig Satterfield, Travel Agent, – Las Vegas, NV


Thanks, Lyn! I’ll share this with the Carnival PR folks. Really enjoyed reading your piece – you sure know how to tell a story!! -)

– Dana Dominici – The Branding Bar PR, Miami, FL


Very funny! Congratulations on your writing gig. I enjoyed reading this.

Judi Stiles, owner, Stiles in Travel, Sacramento, CA


Brilliant! I love it!!!!!!!!!! Glad you were REGULAR after riding the slide! You’re a riot!

– Tracie Mosley, Business Development Manager, Carnival Cruise Lines


Great article, especially to have more personal feedback on Carnival. Thanks also for the subtle humor…:-)

Mardi LaForce, CTC, Agency Owner


Loved the article. It gave me insight on some do’s and some don’ts. Also a good laugh in spots. Thanks! I needed this.
Ms. Clark, Travel Agency Owner


Absolutely loved the article! Hilarious is an understatement!! I needed a laugh and you delivered. Thanks for the info about your experience. I have some clients leaving out of NOL this winter. Thanks Lyn! Informative and most of all hilarious! I would have loved to join you at that table for eight!

Quanetta, Travel Agent


Response to “This Just In…Brain Food Floats!” article

You are an amazing writer Lyn!!!!!!! I had no idea all of that was going on in the “world of cruising”!!! Meredith Smith, travel consumer, Dallas, TX


Response to “A Primer to Share with First Time Cruisers”

Thanks this is wonderful. I will be sure to pass it along to my 1st time cruisers. D. Mitchell, ACC – Travel Agency Owner


Response to “Think Cruise Lines Have a Monopoly on Shore Excursions? Think Again!”

I was interested that you didn’t poo-poo the idea of staying onboard on occasion. We have had some of our most pleasant and restful experiences on board a ship while docked in port. You know, you just can’t see everything in every port. I’m enjoying your posts, Lyn! – Laurel, Travel Agency Owner

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